Why CUDDELS supports Face the Waste

Face the Waste is an initiative by the The Green Surfer, a Dutch creative concept agency. As their brandname already suggests, they combine their projects with travelling and a slice of surf. While on the road, waste crosses their path in increasing volumes… and it demands a well-thought-of initiative.

The low-budget touristic spots in the world are flooded by tourists…  and with it comes a flood of non recycled waste. Sad fact is that the volume of non-recycled waste grows exponentially on places where there is no knowledge or focus on facing that waste.

They decided to try and turn this problem into an opportunity! They said “What if we create souvenirs from waste! Beautiful locally handcrafted items. And the profit goes directly to the creator!”.

How can we not support such an initiative!

How CUDDELS supports Face the Waste

CUDDELS will donate a part of the profit to Face the Waste, to support this awesome initiative and make it possible to expand this project to more locations outside Bali.

If you like this initiative you can also support Face the Waste directly. Go to their site at:  facethewaste.org and make it happen.

All for the love of people and planet!