CUDDELS is a new brand for people who want to show their love for our planet and the people and animals living on it.
People who will not stop with only showing but who are also willing to take action and do their part to make this world a bit better for this and the next generations to come.
CUDDELS is an initiative of Roy and Samantha.

CUDDELS also takes action by donating the profit, made by selling CUDDELS products, to several charities.
We currently support and the Alzheimer foundation.

CUDDELS wil start producing a broad range of products in 2021.
This will vary from beanies to hoodies, and from tote bags to T-shirts. Everything to reach our goal which is generating extra funds for various charities.

CUDDELS is also continuously looking for people and organizations who want to help us to grow so that we can support more and more initiatives. Would you like to help us and do you have a talent that you would like to use for CUDDELS? Please contact us via the contact form.